Re: Cudahy meat reefers

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 5, 2008, at 9:05 AM, Brian Leppert wrote:

I have Sunshine's kit #24.17 for a Cudahy 36' meat reefer. The
Prototype Data Sheet states "Cudahy Packing was a packer oriented to
the West Coast market", but I don't recall any published photos to
prove this. Does anyone know if these cars showed up in northern
California on the Southern Pacific or in Washington State on the
Northern Pacific, especially in the late 1940s?

Brian, I have a photo of a Cudahy car westbound in a UP train in
western Nebraska (and therefore en route to somewhere west of the
Rockies), a photo of a Cudahy car in San Francisco in 1952, and
distant photographic evidence of Cudahy meat reefers at the Cudahy
packing plant in San Diego in the '40s. So I think you're safe in
assuming that their meat reefers frequently came west.

Richard Hendrickson

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