Walthers ATSF 1300 Series Caboose Interiors

Paul Hillman

I just received Walthers ATSF 1300 Series Caboose (2 pack).

Anyone know how get into the interior of the car? Walthers instructions
don't mention how.

The roof tries to lift up in the middle but is held down somehow at the
ends. I see no screws for this.

How do you get in there to view the interior and/or add lighting, etc.?

Don't want to mutilate anything trying to find out how.

I have the SFHS Warbonnet, 3rd Quarter 2005 issue coming that has an
article by Matt Zebrowski about "fine tuning" this kit. Maybe he
explains how in there, but that might take another week or 2 to get.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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