Re: Cudahy meat reefers

Thomas Baker

But remember there was also a Patrick Cudahy, Inc. (successor to
the Cudahy Brothers company) located in Wisconsin, also in the meat
business. Nearby today is the town of Cudahy, Wisconsin (those other
Cudahy people gave rise to the town of Cudahy, California).

Now I am confused: I can recall seeing Cudahy meat cars on Chicago Great Western freight trains coming through Marshalltown, Iowa, and headed toward Oelwein, Iowa, the great CGW hub. I have no idea where those cars were headed, and I never suspected they were would be headed west to Utah and California, but I suppose it's a possiblity. Did the Patrick Cudahy outfit lease meat cars, too? If so how were its cars different in appearance from those of the California outfit?


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