Re: Cudahy meat reefers

Ray Breyer

Brian J Carlson <> wrote:
>>OK now I am confused. I thought the Sunshine meat reefer for Cudahy
>>was for the Wisconsin meat packers. The CRLX cars were Cudahy Car
>>Lines and were owned by the Cudahy packing Company in Wisconsin.
>>These cars often came east on the NKP. Are there two separate Cudahy
>>meat packing companies? The emails make is sound like there were
>>different corporations.

Hi Brian,

Remember, just because a company is "based in" a certain state doesn't mean that it's restricted to ONLY that state. Cudahy had processing plants of various sizes all over the country. On the NKP's Peoria Division there's a Cudahy plant in Bloomington, IL. It received dressed hog sides (in CRLX reefers) and shipped bacon and margarine (in CRLX reefers). My meat reefer fleet has a disproportionate number of Cudahy reefers in it because of that one plant, although I believe Cudahy also had a sausage processing plant in Peoria (next to the stockyards on the Rock Island)


Ray Breyer

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