Re: The Atlas model of Cudahy meat reefers

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

This subject may have been covered in the past so please excuse
me if I'm creating repetition because it has not been found.

Cudahy was also represented in the Boston area at least up
through WW II AFAIK. With that in mind I've had interest in the Atlas
36 ft. meat reefer. It is my understanding, and I'm looking for
correction on this, that the Atlas car was modeled after a Cudahy
prototype, particularly with the odd use of only four hinges for the
two halves of each door. Is this or is it not correct? Also, are
photos available for such cars in other than the "billboard" paint
offered by Atlas and, if so, are decals available. If what I'm
questioning is correct it is a shame that Atlas has offered that
model painted for just about every packing company that ever existed
but, apparently, few that any of us can use and be prototypically
correct as it is also my understanding that Cudahy was about the only
packer that used these oddball prototyes. I'd just like to have a
couple in a later Cudahy paint that is prototyically correct, if that
is possible.

Thanks for anything anyone can offer to bring me up to speed on

Don Valentine

--- In, "Brian Leppert" <b.leppert@...> wrote:

I have Sunshine's kit #24.17 for a Cudahy 36' meat reefer. The
Prototype Data Sheet states "Cudahy Packing was a packer oriented
the West Coast market", but I don't recall any published photos to
prove this. Does anyone know if these cars showed up in northern
California on the Southern Pacific or in Washington State on the
Northern Pacific, especially in the late 1940s?

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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