Re: Cudahy meat reefers

Dennis Storzek

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...Most of what I have is for the Cudahy Packing Co, based in
Omaha/Chicago. However there were two different
companies, one based in Wisconsin (Cudahy Brothers later renamed
Patrick Cudahy) and the Cudahy Co. (started in Omaha, later HQ
moved to Chicago). A history of Patrick Cudahy can be found at

This is all well and good, but still doesn't tell us which company
owned the cars with the CRLX mark. The NMRA reprint of the January '53
ORER shows the mark assigned to Cudahy Packing Co. of Chicago, Ill.
This would be the operation that traces its roots to Omaha, and photos
of CRLX cars in the Hendrickson / Kaminski book on billboard reefers
shows these to be the cars with four door hinges.

The ORER does not seem to have a listing for either Cudahy Brouthers
or Patrick Cudahy Co., but the reefer book has a photo of NRC 2217
with the Patrick Cudahy trademark, and lettering to the effect that
the car was leased to Cudahy Brothers Co. Cudahy, WI., this makes
sense, as the Northern Refrigerator Car Line had started business as
the Milwaukee Refrigerator Car line, of Cudahy, WI. However, even this
reference confuses the Cudahy WI operation with the Cudahy Packing Co.
of Chicago, which I feel is incorrect. The Wikipedia page on the
Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. correctly attributes the
founding of NRC to "Milwaukee's Cudahy brothers." By 1953, NRC also
had its general offices in Chicago, adding to the confusion, but still
had an office in Milwaukee, WI

They were indeed two totally separate operations.


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