Southern wood rack in S scale

Jim King

Pulpwood racks are considered to be "fleet cars" since they ran in large
numbers between wood yards and paper mills. In the late 60s, it was common
to see Roman and Block font cars side by side.

To help S scale modelers build that fleet, I am now offering a 3-pack option
of the upcoming Southern Ry. 1951 "Spencer rebuild". Over 4100 of these
cars were built from DD, DS boxcars between 1951 and at least early 1953.
The unique 4/4 "reversed Dreadnaught" end is a real attention-getter. About
one-quarter of the fleet was still running in 1973, so having examples of
this ubiquitous car on your layout is logical, even if just for interchange
purposes or spotted at your local wood yard, since cars did travel off line.

You can now mix and match the paint schemes as desired within the 3-pack
option. This option is not listed on my web site (yet) but will be kit no.
64-W1-3, priced at $189 (10% off the individual retail prices) plus $10
shipping per order. If you order more than just this "package", you pay no
more shipping (in the Lower 48), so stock up on other kits in the product
line. They make great Christmas gifts!

To secure your cars, please send a 50% non-refundable deposit of your order
total. Contact me off-list if using a credit card. Target release date for
both cars is January, 2009.

Go to this link to view prototype photos of both paint schemes, descriptions
and single-kit pricing:

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.

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