Re: Cudahy meat reefers

Dave Nelson

Tok, so we have the history of Patrick Cudahy, now the other company --
Cudhay Packing of Omaha -- which has this history:

The Irish-born Cudahy brothers started working in the Milwaukee meat
business in the early 1860s; there they met Philip Armour, whom they
followed to Chicago during the 1870s. In the years that followed, the
Cudahys operated small packing plants in Chicago. In 1887, with Armour's
backing, Michael Cudahy and his brothers started an Armour-Cudahy packing
plant in Omaha, Nebraska. The Cudahy Packing Co. was created in 1890, when
Michael bought Armour's interest. Over the next 30 years, the company added
branches across the country, including a cleaning products plant at East
Chicago, Indiana, built in 1909. In 1911, the company's headquarters were
transferred from Omaha to Chicago. By the mid-1920s, Cudahy was one of the
nation's leading food companies, with over $200 million in annual sales and
13,000 employees around the country. Although it was hard hit by the Great
Depression, the company still employed about 1,000 Chicago-area residents
during the mid-1930s. Following World War II, the company moved its
headquarters first to Omaha and, in 1965, to Phoenix, where it took the name
Cudahy Co. During the 1970s, after it was purchased by General Host, Cudahy
was dismantled.

Now according to my copy of Moody's Industrial's, 1947 edition, the
Armour-Cudahy Packing Company purchased the Jersey City packing plants of
the Nagle Packing Co in 1919, opened large plants in St Paul MN in 1925, San
Diego in 1930, Denver in 1933, Albany GA in 1936. The also owned and
operated the Barry Machinery Co of Chicago, Dow Cheese (WI), Bissel Leather
(MA), The American Salt Company, location unk., and finally it lists the Old
Dutch Cleanser facilities in England and Australia.

Brand names of Puritan, Rex, Gold Coin, Sunlight, and Old Ducth Cleanser.

65 branch houses across the US and overseas.

More details: Slaughter Houses in South Side Omaha, Kansas City, Souix City,
Wichita, North Salt Lake, St Paul, San Diego, Denver, Albany GA.

Other important plants include East Chicao IN -- soap, cleanser, wool
pullery AND reefer construction and repair shops. Leewood TN, refine
vegetable oils; Toronto ON, cleanser; Lyons KS, salt mine. Produce
collection points at Washington Court House, OH, Victoria TX, Fairmount ND,
Neosho MO, New Ulm MN, Alma NE, Fond du Lac WI.

As of the August 1945, the company owns 975 reefers, has 150 more on order,
and 45 tankcars.

So taking all that into consideration, IMO it's reasonable to assume one
might see cars owned by this company moving in and out of major urban
locations anywhere in the US.

There are some discreptencies with what Doug Harding posted. Nothing
significant... Just some variation, perhaps due to the dates of the sources.

Also, Moody's does not list the Patrick Cudahy Company... But that is
probably on account the that company had not sold bonds into the securities

Further, the 1940 ORER clearly connects the CRLX and COTX car marks with the
Cudahy Packing Company and cites East Chicago IN as the place to send repair
and destroyed notices, with GATX on record as handling interchange and
milage reports.

I think that should clear up a few questions.

Dave Nelson

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