Re: The Atlas model of Cudahy meat reefers

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Richard Hendrickson notes:

"The day when every piece of information known to man can be
googled may be coming, but it ain't here yet."

Maybe not but it probably won't be too long before it is. The problem is, of course, it probably won't be any more correct than those bogus renditions that Atlas has apparently produced. About all it takes to be "a expert" on the internet is to buy a computer.

BTW, just in case anyone is curious, discussions about computers...unless directly associated with a frt car...are out of scope. My point is that, even on the STMFC, anyone can act like "a expert" but the real ones have lengthy credits in places other than the internet...places where their information has been scrutinized by others for validation.

Mike Brock

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