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OOPS I meant 2" of the white stuff.

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Thank You very much Mr. Hawkins.

I had 5 kits to build and this one stumped me as no pictures could be found on the internet.

The list had the SAL, an Erie 40 PS Inter., Erie 50' fur. LL, MP 40' RC and B&O M-26 RC.

With 2' of snow (Bellville, OH)and more on the way its time to put some of these together.

Sincerely, Mark Morgan

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Subject: Re: [STMFC] Seaboard Air Line IMWX boxcar

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On Dec 6, 2008, at 10:30 PM, Mark Morgan wrote:

I have a IMWX boxcar 40' SAL kit. Car number 19797 class B-9.

What door would this car and did they had black roof?



Series 19700-19799 had Superior doors. All 300 B-9 cars when built in

1945 had black car cement applied to the roofs. This per

Pullman-Standard bill of materials data.


Ed Hawkins

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