WWII 50 foot Steel Box


I'm reviewing my WWII era freight car fleet analysis, and find that
there is a significant gap in 50 foot steel box cars in HO for that

The '43 ORER shows around 31,000 steel 50 footers, and around 20,000
wood 50 footers.

For steel cars, it seems like the only non-resin cars available in HO
are the PRR cars from Bowser.

Am I missing something? Is this because not many 50 footers to that
point were of a common design, hence few models? Is it because
immediate post war 50 footers quickly became the dominant fleet, which
is why everyone is making post-war 50 footers?

And not being very resin literate, any resin recommendations for a
WWII 50 foot steel box fleet (probably need just a few - recognizing
they were only 3.5% of the national boxcar fleet?)

Dave Evans

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