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Ed Hawkins

On Dec 7, 2008, at 6:56 AM, Allen Cain wrote:

In addition to the Series 19700-19799, what were the other car
numbers in
the series which included the 300 B-9 car built in 1945 which had
black car
cement applied to the roofs?
The answer to your question, as well as the original question about
doors on SAL 19797, is found in the STMFC web site roster of 1937 AAR
box cars. In the interest of promoting more accurate scale models, I
will elaborate since the data is available from the Pullman-Standard
bills of materials, a collection of which I obtained in 2002 when the
Bessemer plant (then owned by Trinity Industries) was in process of
closing. These included cars built from 1929 to mid-1947 and mostly
built at the Bessemer plant.

The entire B-9 series included SAL 19700-19999. They were built as two
separate orders of 250 and 50, respectively, with some variations
between the orders.

Lot 5804, 19700-19949, built 9-45. Superior doors 19700-19799,
Youngstown Steel Doors 19800-19949. Running boards/brake steps: Apex
19700-19749, U.S. Gypsum 19750-19849, Blaw-Knox 19850-19949. Ajax hand
brakes. AAR spring plank trucks with chilled wheels.

Lot 5806, 19950-19999, built 10-45. Superior doors, Ajax hand brakes,
U.S.G. R/B & B/S, same trucks as above except one-wear steel wheels.

The B-9 cars were identical to earlier B-8 cars, SAL 19500-19699, built
9-44. These 200 cars had YSD, Ajax hand brakes, Apex R/B & B/S, and AAR
spring plank trucks with one-wear steel wheels. Pullman-Standard
denoted this order (lot 5768) as "Victory Box" as it meant the builder
was permitted to construct the order as all-steel box cars rather than
having to continue building to the emergency design.

Paint specs for B-8 and B-9 cars when built:
DuPont SAL Std. Color #374-822 Frt. Car Paint - Sides, Ends, U/F, Trucks
Black (Car Cement) - Roof
White (Snolite) - Stencils
Fire Plug Red - Monogram Background
Builder's photos for B-8 and B-9 cars (all three available from
Smithsonian Institution) had "The Route of Courteous Service" slogans.
Ed Hawkins

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