Re: Car Types for Team Tracks

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

gary laakso wrote:
The scope of team track usage amazes me . . .
6- vitamins; refrigerator cars?
8- candy/tobacco; refrigerators?
9- potato chips (its listed at multiple locations) refrigerators?
In the early 1950s, "refrigerator" would be a good guess, but by 1960 (your document is 1961) these would have been insulated box cars. The only reason to use reefers earlier was for the insulation--they would not have been iced. And it's very possible that soft drinks (your no. 5) would fall into the same category.
For "steel products," as these could include castings, etc. I think you should include box cars.
"Fireworks" of course were shipped in the Lionel exploding box car. <g>

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