The SHAKE N TAKE clinic is full.

Greg Martin

The list is now complete for the online pre registration for the Shake N
Take clinic. We'll have a just few slots left for those registering at the door
with no Internet access. I have also added for slots for what Al Brown
suggests as "Instruction Only" which will give you access to a handout for the
modeling of the kit that I provide for the folks listed below. So let me get this
out to you all and know that if you would like to add yourself under
"Instruction Only".
Also let me correct the time for the clinic: Friday January 09, 2009 at 3:30
PM in the Seahorse & Starfish Roo.

Here's the current list"

1.) Armend Premo
2.) Dr. Denny Anspach
3.) Tony Thompson
4.) Mont Switzer
5.) Schuyler Larrabee
6.) John Greedy
7.) William Bell
8.) Jeff Alley
9.) Mike Brock (if we can get him to stand still for 5 minutes)
10.) Gary Laakso
11.) Roger Hinman
13.) Richard Hendrickson
14.) Paul Lyons
15.) Bruce Smith
16.) Brian Carlson
17.) Jerry Glow
18.) John G Wheeler
19.) Dick Berry
20.) Lindsay Raley
21.) John Golden
22.) Owne Thorne
23.) Chirs Zygmont
24.) Ted Cullota
25.) Bill MCCoy
26.) Paul Bizier
27.) John Burroughs

1.) Al Brown
Greg Martin


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