Re: Lifelike Fowler CN

Walter Cox

Hi Jim, This car is actually a model of a CP car rather than a CN. I
don't know what type of lettetring CP was using in 1929 but there is a
CP sig where you could get such info. I model CN (1959) so I'm not
familiar with what the lettering looked like in 1929 but I think I
could dig it up if you need it. I picked up a pair of CP shells and the
only underframes that I have found so far that would fit are
Westerfield, Speedwitch and an old MDC 36' boxcar which would need
would need work. I don,know if any of them are available separately.

-- In, "red_gate_rover" <red_gate_rover@...>

In an impulse purchase I picked up a LifeLike Canada Fowler boxcar. It
came without the underframe and trucks. What underframe could I use
and whose trucks would be right? Also the shell is painted and
lettered for CN but has no data. Who sells data and other markings for
this car and what resource do I need to know where things should go?
I model 1929. As always, thank you. -Jim

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