Re: Car Types for Team Tracks

Schuyler Larrabee

Exactly what I was talking about. Except I think that GN had some of their own. You're right
though, the car I was thinking of was owned by the Pennsylvania Department of Fish and Game, or the


Gary, Schuyler,

Fish for your dining table in reefers. Shellfish in express reefers. Live
fish traveled in Pullman type cars,
usually owned by the state they operated in. These were for stocking rivers and lakes. Many RRs
hauled these cars back
in the day.

Fred Freitas

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2- fish; refrigerator cars?
Well, reefers if they're dead fish (I should hope so!). But they may have been live fish for
stocking lakes and streams. I know several railroads had fish hatchery cars (there may be a better
more accurate term), and that the GN was one of them. PRR and LV both had them, I think. Probably
others. These carried hatchlings from fish hatcheries to the locations where they were to be


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