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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Kurt Laughlin writes:

"Nothing close to it, eh? Here's some recent quotes, selected quickly for
relevance and not to pick on anyone:"

"About all it takes to be "a expert" on the internet is to buy a computer."

And, of course, that comment is mine. Unfortunately, my experience has shown it to be true. You should NOT, however, assume...and while I'll let others speak for themselves, I have a feeling that they will agree with me...that I was speaking of the STMFC. One of the reasons why I insist that members sign their real names on the STMFC is that it suggests that a member is prepared to support any comment they might make...and they are identified with it. It doesn't mean they are always correct but it does mean that they try to be. Regretfully...IMO...most of the internet permits...even encourages the use of aliases, presumably to provide anonymity. I belong to several groups managed that way...non RR oriented...and the content of most posts is such as to believe them at your own perile.

Mind you, just because something is delivered via a media that has editing does not guarantee anything beyond "hope" that the subject is "accurate". I attempted twice to "enlighten" the staff at Trains and Classic Trains [ which is one of my favorite publications ] regarding "errors" [ IMO ]about certain steam locomotives written by rather well published no avail...even though I presented facts from other authors writing in Trains [ Lloyd Stagner no less ]. I finally presented my case in of all places...the INTERNET. some cases, the internet wins. I will note, however, that Model Railroading News did publish a few similar comments.

You might also note my question to the group regarding the painting of running which my observations seems to disagree with a comment by the very respected author Pat Wider.

So...relax. No one is taking shots at anyone in particular...unless maybe at me...and I'm used to it because I have a big target on my back.

Mike Brock

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