Re: Lifelike Fowler CN


red_gate_rover wrote:
In an impulse purchase I picked up a LifeLike Canada Fowler boxcar. It
came without the underframe and trucks. What underframe could I use
and whose trucks would be right? Also the shell is painted and
lettered for CN but has no data. Who sells data and other markings for
this car and what resource do I need to know where things should go? I model 1929. As always, thank you. -Jim
When LifeLike Canada first produced these cars they screwed them up. Some came with incomplete lettering. They responded by supplying complete new shells. Stores were allowed to do what they wanted with the bad shells. Most gave them to the car purchasers as a bonus. Some sold them.

Other than the original incorrect under frame there is nothing that the shell will drop on. You will have to make something your self. I would start with a Westerfield kit and copy their under frame in styrene.

Bill Dixon

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