Re: Lifelike Fowler CN

Robert kirkham

I know of a fellow who was looking in to getting a resin floor made for these shells. Last I heard the project was moving along. If scratch building one doesn't interest you, I think I would wait until something like that is available (assuming it turns out adequately.)

By the way, given the equal slope of the diagonal side bracing, I wouldn't call it a CPR car. If yours has a steel roof, I'd consider sanding off the ribs and gluing on new ones to look more CNR-ish. Maybe add a piece of light rail (centered on the ends) as a third vertical brace. Alternately, using a combination of ACC de-bonder and Easy Lift Off paint remover, I was able to slide a razor blade under the side bracing, removing the two vertical braces closest to the door, as well as the diagonal braces. I filled the original mounting holes and adjusted everything to get a more appropriate spacing and make it look more CPR-ish. While you're at it, consider removing all the ladders and grabs and replacing with lighter wire.....

Rob Kirkham

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