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I have not dertimined destination completely. LA-4 and SP-1 are
mentioned frequently, as are numbers 2,3,5, & 6. The ore string
of cars is going to Van 6. These destinations are not stations
since 3 would be that for Omaha and the referenced train is westbound.

Mike, those numbers are the block id's for use at Odgen. Somewhere around
here I've got an issue of the Streamliner that included a 1940 timetable
that had those numbers. I'll see if I can find them.

I've got 2 books from the same conductor as Mike mentions here and Tim
Gilbert has another. So far I'd transcribed about 500 cars and linked them
to my ORER database (as I've done with the SRR books I have). Not enough of
a sample to say much, but when that question on PRR turtleback's popped up I
had the answer about 15 seconds after the software loaded.

For the techies:

select train.Train_id, Call_Dt, Road, Car_nbr
from consist, train
where consist.train_id=train.train_id
and consist.cb_series = orer!roster.cb_series
and orer!roster.class_id='X31F';


Dave Nelson

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