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Michael Aufderheide

Thank you Al,

I will look up the article.  I think the addition of the door brackets below with some strip brass would be easy.  This will be a fun project.  This car is on F&Cs list of $13 bagged kits.

Mike Aufderheide

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The Southern's cars, series 286000-286999 (per ORER), differed from

other 41ft War Emergency gons in having six drop doors (class GA).

Other owners were Texas & New Orleans, ACL, Midland Valley, Wabash;

Alton got all-steel versions, which went to GM&O. Info from Lofton,

MM 1/92, pp 20-24.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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http://steamfreight prototype/ catalog/mvcmc/ mvcmcp21main. html

This interesting photo of a Southern gon in Jeff Koeller's Mt.
Vernon catalog led me to wonder if these cars are the same as those

offered by Funaro:

http://www.walthers .com/exec/ productinfo/ 279-6260
It would be an interesting variation on the steel gons I have from
Sunshine & Speedwitch.  Does anyone have a roster of the 41ft war

emergency gons?

Mike Aufderheide
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