Re: Carbody Window Screens

Mike Fortney

AMB Laserkit currently does not offer their superb screen material
separately but perhaps a few email requests to Production Manager Dave
at laserkit@... might loosen them up a tad.

Mike Fortney

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After seeing Jerry's nice MP compact-body caboose, I posted a photo
of one of my Santa Fe way cars with the Laserkit screens. It's in the
Files section of the STMFC site on Yahoo, in a folder called "Andy S
freight cars." In this case I colored the mesh with a black marking
pen, but I've also used a brown marker for more of a copper color. For
another approach to window screens, see my article on detailing ATSF
way cars in the September '91 MR. I now prefer the Laserkit screens,
but I haven't replaced those old ones.

Merry Christmas,


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