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Andy Carlson

Everybody who is considering moving to the West coast, from Southern California to the Puget Sound, please consider moving to Florida, instead! (Consider Texas, too) Much better weather, and no fires and earthquakes to threaten your lives. People who move to the west wish they had instead moved to Florida. It is not too late--you must stay away from the WEST!!!!!!!!

-Andy Carlson
shivering from thoughts of the next dreaded catastrophe coming our way.

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Mike Wrote:

BTW...current temp is 79°, sunny [ for those in the Northwest, that means if
you look up, you can see the sun ], wind out of the SE at 10 mph [ cool
breeze ].


Your temps appear to about 76 on Monday, we here in the PNW from Ashland north should see temps no higher in the daytime than 32 and lower in the Columbia River Gorge... Those freight cars heading out to Hinke might have a small snow pack on the roofs. Were getting our first Nor-wester this weekend with perhaps a little snow on the valley floor...

Richard are your headed up to Mt. Ashland for some skiing?

Greg Martin

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