Re: Prototype Rails/Cocoa Beach 2009 update

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Richard Hendrickson writes:

"What's with this gratuitous sneer at weather in the Northwest???"

Sneer? Hardly. A guy living in western Oregon visited here a few yrs ago arrived at night and, awaking the next morning, was seen to wander outside, look up and, evidently stunned, aclaimed...The Sun!!! We couldn't figure out what the problem was until he mentioned later that he had not seen it in several yrs.

"Today in Ashland it's clear, sunny, and dry (i.e., no Florida-style
high humidity),"

Well, of course, in the summer the humidity does seem a bit high...but not now.

"...the wind is calm, and the temp is around 52."

Geeez. Isn't that below freezing?

weather for outdoor activities."

I can't play golf in an overcoat...or do much else. I don't even go seek out steam era frt cars at the local shops.

"I just got back from an hour of
flying aerobatic practice in the Citabria. What's not to like?"

Well...I CAN see the advantage of not having to worry about cooling one's beer. Other than that...??

Think I'll take a dip in the pool...before lunch outside.

Richard Hendrickson

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