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I certainly agree with you and my 20 years in the ESPEE Law Dept confirm that the marketing folks like to list everything and then some as potential customers. I will not discuss how accurate their marketing plan car counts were compared to reality or what flooding the system with too much traffic did to train operations.
That said, the book reflects patterns of heavy Team Track usage for a much wider variety of products then I thought. I may have read too many ESPEE team track reports! For instance in the GN book, in a large number of towns, coffins are listed as a team track commodity (though one industry received "coffin plywood" [no, there was no footnote on whether it was treated or not]) and there are a fair number of soda companies and potato chip receivers listed. Maybe they were team track customers.

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It is useful to consider why the "Industrial Guide" was published (and given away). I believe the intent was for "Business to Business" transactions. In other words, if I had something to ship, I could look and see what potential new customers were available ("coincidentally" served by the GN). Or, if I want to buy something, I can similarly look for suppliers (again, that would ship by the GN).

Some local freight agents would apparently list every single industry they could find, and if they weren't rail-served, they'd list them as "Team Track". My point is that a listing in the book doesn't necessarily mean that such a shipment (from a team track) ever really happened.



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I have been going through the January 1, 1961 Great Northern Railway Industrial Guide for points served by it and other railroads. The scope of team track usage amazes me since it covers from coffins to Edsels to Hamms beer to paving machinery and on and on. Here are the uses that i am not sure what type of freight car would be used (no, i am not listing pipe, threaded or not):
1- boats; flatcars?
2- fish; refrigerator cars?
3- elevators (as in Otis) boxcars?
4- steel products (its not more specific) gondolas?
5- soft drinks (i assume vending machines) boxcars?
6- vitamins; refrigerator cars?
7- pilings; flat cars or gondolas?
8- candy/tobacco; refrigerators?
9- potato chips (its listed at multiple locations) refrigerators?
10- ferns , as in plants ? no idea
11- fireworks? no clue and for Mike Brock..
12- jailhouse supplies? brig cars?

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