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Excellent photos especially showing the end of one of the Wilson stock cars, which I have had a hard time finding a photo of a complete car. This is the only picture of one of the ex-LLT stock cars (see attachment).

The Wilson stock cars were ex-Lackawanna Live Stock Transportation Co cars built sometime before 1915 and they lasted until sometime between 1935 and 1940. Lackawanna Live Stock was headquartered in Chicago.

Lackawanna and Cold Blast Transportation Co were somehow linked together and were purchased sometime between 1915 and 1919. CBT reefers were used by S&S to transport their meat products (see the other attachment). Control of S&S went to Thomas Wilson in 1916, who was the former president of Morris & Co. The name of S&S was changed to Wilson & Co and joined Armour, Wilson, Cudahy, and Swift as one of the country's big five meat packers.

Another large meat packer was Morris & Co which was bought by Armour in 1923. Morris was considered one of the "Big 5" monopolistic meat packers that the government tried to break up. They were also called the "Beef Trust".

Armour ended up divesting itself a large portion of its assets in 1919 which resulted in the formation of Fruit Growers Express but did manage to hold onto its meat business. The Big 5 was made up of Armour, Morris, Wilson, Cudahy, and Swift. Which you can see that they had a big infleunce in Omaha by the pictures on the website.

A 1922 New York Times article that I have reports that Armour had total assets worth $480 million dollars, Morris ($91 million), Swift ($361 million), Wilson ($192 million), and Cudahy ($61 million). This is in 1922 dollars so I have no idea what it is in today's dollars.

A combined value of the Armour / Morris merger would give them a total worth of $571 million compared to the combination of the other three companies of $524 million. I am sure a lot of people were surprised that the merger was approved by the US government. But then we are talking about Armour and Morris having their headquarters in Chicago. And we know what Chicago politics are like.

You can also imagine how much Armour was worth before the 1919 breakup if their meat business was worth $480 million dollars in 1925.

Anyway, one of the pictures on the website show the Morris & Co packing plant, which in 1925 is technically now Armour & Co. It is a good assumption that Armour hadn't gotten around to repainting the building since Morris owned several meat packing plants around the country. Morris lettered reefers, tanks cars, and stock cars lasted until sometime between 1930 and 1935.
Thanks AT for posting this.

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Guys -Here are som nice photos from around Omaha in the 1924 to 1925 era. The link was posted on the Railway Bull Shippers Yahoo group. I never knew that the Old Dutch Cleanser reefers really had a prototype!<>A.T. Kott

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