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Covers the Ahnapee & Western, Green Bay & Western, Kewaunee Green
Bay & Western, and Fox River Valley Railroads as part of its on going
preservation mission.

Contact Information
158 Hilltop Drive
Green Bay, WI 54301
This is the correct contact info for the GBWHS. The website is

I am a charter member of the Society. I have been in touch with our
webmaster and we will rectify the communication problem.

We have recently released a custom decorated Accurail 40'
refrigerator car custom decorated to match the A&W 3000-3004 series
ex-MDT cars that the railroad acquired in 1948. The lettering is
individual to each road number representing the prototypes down to
the repack stencils. The cars sell for $24.95 each or both for
$44.95. Decals are available at no cost for the other 3 road numbers.

See and
for images of the car.

Contact me with any questions regarding this project or any GB&W
questions that you have.

Andy Laurent
GBWHS Model Project Manager

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