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Andy Laurent

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Andy, you are indeed correct that the reciprocal switching
agreements were
very common in the steam era, and that most of the arrangements
involved accounting and paper work more than anything else.
It's total changed today in Chicago, due to deregulation, and
it's misleading
to look at the tariff agreements your quoiting above as applicable
during the time
period this group is interested in. In Chicago the ruling tariff
that was the law
within the switching district was IFA (Illinois Freight
Association) #22, the Chicago
Switching Tariff. And just briefly, the carrier that delivered the
car to industries
closed to reciprocal switching within the district got a portion of
the line haul rate,
not the uniform switching charges, on any car movement even if they
did not
participate in the actual line haul routing.

Happiness, Jerry Stewart

Jerry, sorry for any confusion. I was not trying to imply that the
modern tariffs would apply to steam era operations. I was just
pointing folks in a direction where they could learn how 'reciprocal
switching' was defined and learn some basic terminology by observing
how it is practiced today.

If someone has a copy of IFA#22, I would love to see it.

Andy Laurent

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