Re: 1925 photos around Omaha

Schuyler Larrabee

Guys -

Here are some nice photos from around Omaha in the 1924 to 1925 era.
The link was posted on the Railway Bull Shippers Yahoo group. I never
knew that the Old Dutch Cleanser reefers really had a prototype!

<> >

A.T. Kott

A. T., those are not nice photos, those are GREAT photos.

A few remarks:

Photos 14 and 23: I've never seen that many double slip switches except in the passenger yard leads
for the DL&W in Hoboken! And each one has a single switch lamp. Sure, that makes sense after
thinking about it, but it seems counterintuitive.

Photo 30: Model that steel structure and you'll be laughed at. What a contrivance to hold up the
upper level!

Photo 38: Someone else mentioned this three-way switch. Pretty fancy stuff for an industrial
siding. Neat view into the gon at lower right, too.


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