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Posted by: "Aley, Jeff A" jaley95630
Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:13 pm (PST)

I have been led to believe that many box car interiors and possibly
floors were of white oak. A woodworker once asked me if I knew where
any boxcars were being scrapped (i.e. in the Antelope / Roseville
area), as they were often a source of good-quality recycled oak....
I cannot speak to how common white oak would have been in boxcars,
although I do know they were relatively commonplace for flat car
decking. When in the throes of a wanton brain lapse some years ago
(the '70s), the Sierra Railroad dismantled/scrapped in situ a
seriously deteriorated 19thC wood coach in Jamestown. I was there at
the time, and like a vulture I picked over the bones of the car to
cherry-pick some pretty fine pieces of fine old white oak- primarily
from the carlines. This oak now lives on in the very heart of several
fine boats. Fortunately the hardware was saved and eventually would
its way to the then-developing CalStateRRMuseum.
P.S. How do you recommend I treat the dog-eared cedar fence boards
that are so common in the Sacramento area?
Replace them!


Denny S. Anspach MD

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