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Thanks for the information. That is consistent with the other piecemeal C&O iformation information that I have. I'm really looking for the cross-over date. However, that it consistent was C&O Presque Isle coal loadings data that looks like it peaked just around 1960. That would be spelling bad news for the Virginian Rwy . . . which had its coal conveyor belt tuned especially for Tidewater.

Al Kresse

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Al Kresse writes:

"I am looking for the member who had access to Bituminous Coal shipments
directions historical data out VA, WV, and KY carried by basically the
C&O/N&W/Virginian (Pokey Roads) East to Tidewater (Hampton Roads) vs.
West (midwest or Great Lakes ports). Early on it was basically all
EAST and then it gradually shifted from going up the intercoastal
waterways to the NE, to heading west and north to the industrial
heartlands. So much so that at one time the Pennsy hard-coal shippers
wanted a tariff to be put on cheap southern soft-coal."

Al, as you are probably aware, Richard Prince summarized coal tonnage on the
N&W for the year 1948 in his book Norfolk & Western Pochahontas Coal
Carrier. On page 240, I summarize...of 52 million tons originated by N&W, 22
million went west by rail, 10 million went north into Great Lakes ports at
Toledo and Sandusky, 10 million went east through Lamberts Point, 2.5
million went south, and the remainder went into Maryland and DC and Virginia
itself. So, given that, fully 61% went west and north through Portsmouth.

Mike Brock

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