Re: Coal shipment trends 1900-1960

Ray Breyer

Hi Dave,

The Mineral yearbooks are now all online at the Department of the Interior's website. They're huge files, but they CAN be downloaded.

Ray Breyer

Dave Nelson <Lake_Muskoka@...> wrote:
al.kresse wrote:

I am looking for the member who had access to Bituminous Coal
shipments directions historical data out VA, WV, and KY carried by
basically the C&O/N&W/Virginian (Pokey Roads) East to Tidewater
(Hampton Roads) vs.
West (midwest or Great Lakes ports).
Al, check any major University library that's close by to you, as they might
have a federal document depository. There you want to find a copy of the
Minerals yearbook. A look at the copy I own (1950 edition) shows the Fed's
did have bit coal production data going back to 1890 but in this volume the
data by state only covers a 10 year span.

Dave Nelson


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