Re: WWII 50 foot Steel Box



Many thanks to all for the good input. Found some of the Proto's on
ebay, interesting that the cars with the WWII heralds were the rarest
(and none of the NYC cars in original paint).

For cars out of production, e-bay seems a good indicator of accuracy -
the less frquently you see them, the more accurate they are. I would
think manufacturers and delears could take that lesson learned as a
key marketing data point. Inaccurate cars will end up in clearence sales!

Ted's CofG car may make a good early Box car resin attempt - although
I plan on learning about resin building with a few F&C gons first -
smaller WWII gons seem to be almost non-existant in plastic, even
though there were a LOT of them. With F&C 2 for 1 deals at Timonium,
some of them run $10 to $15 each - not a disaster if the first few
turn out lousy (and hopefully only a few!)

Appreciate the heads up on the N&W resin - might be a good kit if I
get good at Resin cars - it is certainly a unique looking car.

I checked rib side cars - there 50' is just about to be released -
will keep an eye out for them - probably one of the larger WWII 50'
steel fleets. There appear to be at least 10 Proto's that are era
accurate (with length, height, doors and heralds as the only
criteria), but many were from fleets of 25-100 cars - would be quite
rare when there were 27,000+ PRR X29's on the rails. (I'll skip the
roster "balance" topic for now ;-)

The RPI site has good info on paint schemes, but not much on how close
each Proto car was to the prototype - candidates with WWII heralds
include GTW, Southern, LV, Erie (I see another thread on the accuracy
of these), SLSW, P&LE, SP, NYC, KCS and UP. Do any of these jump out
at anyone as way off, or a good match? Hard to justify more than a few
- 50' steel boxes were only 3.5% of the WWII boxcar fleet.

Thanks to all,
Dave Evans

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