Re: 1925 photos around Omaha

Paul Hillman

Hello A.T.,

Which 2 hobby shops closed in Houston, where I live north of?

I knew about the Houston Roundhouse closing, but what was the other one?

Paul Hillman

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Guys -

Thanks for the nice comments!

Richard and Tony - We do not have a real hobby shop here (San Antonio,
9th largest city in U.S.), two recently closed in Houston (where I have
been buying books), and the good one in Austin is supposedly closing in
January! Looks like I will have to resort to ordering books on-line!
Was hoping to pick up the reefer book and the latest SP freight car
book at Papa Ben's in Houston last week, but it is not open at the new

The photos are really wonderful. I would love to have wet prints of
all of them! The trackwork was amazing! It would be interesting to
have seen those times, but I'll bet there was some hard work done in
bad conditions at some of those buildings.

A.T. Kott

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