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Lawrence Rast

Jack Consoli's "Modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad's Gondola Fleet,
Part 18-2 – The G28 Class Gondola Variants," which appeared in the
April 2008 "Keystone Modeler" featured a discussion of resin casting
and showed his homemade vacuum chamber. It may be found at:

Lawrence Rast

On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 7:03 PM, Mark Morgan <bnonut@...> wrote:
Sounds like a great idea SGL. I beleive some of us would like to make
castings, I have thought of it several times.

Sincerely, Mark Morgan MEM

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From: Earl T. Hackett

I used RTV silicone caulk to attach a 6" PVC pipe union to some 1/2"
aluminum plate and to form a seal to some 1" thick acrylic sheet for a
see through top. A needle valve in the top allows me to control
vacuum level during resin degassing. If anyone wants details on how
to set up a resin vacuum casting system, contact me off line.

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I agree with both Al and Earl. As I said these would not be for
production or even 100's of items. It's a cheap solution for the modeler
who wants to do just a few items and is tired of bubbles in the work. 60
bucks is cheap. Even cheaper is buy a pressure tank (HF sells them cheap
also) and use your compressor to make pressure castings. Tom Madden showed
me how to do this and it works extremely well. No high pressure, about 40
psi works.
So, here we have two great offers. What's the prospect of these being
written up, at least in
outline form, and put in the files area?? Both are likely interesting to
some of us, and it saves
each of you sending multiple emails to respond to individual requests.


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