B&O ex PRR R7 reefers. was Fwd: Al Westerfield's new R7 reefer version with Hutchins roof

James Mischke <jmischke@...>

B&O had at least two of these former PRR class R7 reefers in
company ice service.

Paul Dunn photographed XM-4784 at Wellston, Ohio on October 8,
1954, negative in the John LaRue collection. The 1961 MofW
roster shows X-4784 converted from FGE 46025, outshopped 7-2-51.
Photo published in Gary Schlerf's milk car article in the
Sentinel, 1991, July-Aug. issue, page 15.

Another such car is XM-4785, the 1961 MofW roster also shows FGE
45461 heritage, also outshopped 7-2-51. Unlabeled photo by Ron
Stucky, John Fuller collection. Mr. Fuller is a photo vendor
who sells at Naperville.

The PRR R7 refrigerator cars date from 1913 or so, at least ten
years after PRR active control of B&O and the day of PRR designs
on B&O.

A potential source of confusion here is B&O and PRR class
numbers. B&O had its own numerous R-7 refrigerator car class,
nearly all conveyed to Fruit Growers Express, and several later
in B&O company ice service as well. Just like the PRR R7's. Be
careful not to confuse the two cars.

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Forwarded from the STMFC group. Ben Hom

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I received my order yesterday from Al of this new version of the ex-
PRR R7 that were all eventually sold to Fruit Growers Express. I am
already building the previous release, one of each of the early

One significant change to this release in addition to the Hutchins
roof. Al includes the parts to modify the ends of wood bulge plates
just above the sill. On the cars built by the Pennsy, these
structures had another bracket casting indentical to the others,
while the cars built by the commercial builders had a different kind
of bracket at the end of this bulge beam. The PRR built cars also
had a six rung side ladder and no drop grab under the ladder. I
spent the morning modifying one of the cars already underway with
end beam parts pirated from one of the new kits. There is some
slight surgery required to cut into the body casting on each end. It
looks really good with the new parts applied.

Regarding the Hutchins roof, I have a Wil Whittaker photo of FGEX
43509 reweighed at Hillyard Washington on 9-45 with the Hutchins
roof applied. (Still equiped w/KD brakes too.) Modelers need to
remove the small rib cast into each roof panel as panels used by FGE
did not have these. I removed them from three roofs last night while
watching a DVR recording of "Sand Hogs." Sanding each panel with 600
grit sandpaper and then 1000 grit goes quickly.

Practicially no two of these cars were the same with different sill
steps on some, different lengths of the second grab on the left end
of the car, or no second grab, two different trucks, etc, so they
are fun to build with different details. The sill step from Terry
Wegmans PFE kit are perfect for many of these cars.

Best to work from photos. Enjoy!


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