Re: Floor-level ice decks?

Douglas Harding <dharding@...>

David lets look closely at the photo in question

The ice dock on the right is for top icing produce cars, they men are chipping up the ice and blowing it directly through the
doors on top of the load. See the hose going into the open doors at the second car. The hose is attached to the blower, which is
probably on wheels for moving to each car. See the ice debris on the dock by the first car, it has already been top iced.
Here is a better photo showing this operation

The ice dock on the left, has two ice decks. The lower deck of the ice dock is at roof height. The upper level is above the car
roofs with carts holding chunked, chipped or crushed ice (depending upon the shippers request) that could be dumped into the
chutes. You can see a couple of raised chutes at the far end of the upper deck. The chutes would be positioned and lowered so they
could channel the ice into the bunkers from above, in a fast and easy motion. They were movable, fixed to a rail along the edge of
the dock and could be re-positioned so they could be spotted right over a bunker opening.

The salt was kept in boxes attached to the posts of the upper deck, with an opening at the bottom. Look closely at the left dock
and you will see the boxes on every other post, going up the full height of the post. The boxes were filled with salt from above,
and the salt was shoveled into the bunkers, using a scoop shovel, getting the salt from an opening at the bottom of the box.

I doubt the ice was channeled down the chutes, as each car could have different ice/salt requirements, unless each cart has the
required ice/salt mixture. Then you would have to know which cart was for which car. More probably while ice was coming down the
chute another employee was standing on the car roof walk with a scoop shovel of salt mixing as the ice flowed.

Doug Harding

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