Re: B&O M-53 Wagon Top - any hope of a plastic model in our future?

brianehni <behni@...>

Or, how about building a kit that will look right?

See page 6 for 4 B&O wagontops, 3 of which are M53s.

Funaro and Camerlengo also make various wagontop kits: The
B&O links will show you 9 different wagontops, including 5 M53, 2 M50, amd 2 M15 kits.

Brian Ehni

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How about . Click on "signature series" at
left. May not be Intermountain quality, but maybe it will do for a
stand-in until something else comes along.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Charlie Duckworth wrote:
Well another year almost by us and I still would like a B&O M-53 Wagon
Top on the layout. For a steam - early diesl layout they are a must
have in a rail yard. I got my wish last year with the ART steel reefer
being issued so perhaps there's hope.

Anybody heard any rumors of a scale B&O car being done in plastic?

Modeling 'the Mop'


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