Re: Prototype Info

Richard Hendrickson

If any of you happen to come up with some good prototype info on the
L&N, NC&StL, or TC please give me a shout, either here or off-line. I am
always looking for good resources to help me in my quest of modeling these
RR's prototypically....
Warren, I've got a fair number of photos of freight cars from those RRs,
some of them prints of which copies are no longer available, which I could
send in the form of JPEGs. Tell me exactly what era you're modeling (my
photo collection is largely confined to cars built before ca. 1948, though
many of the photos show later paint/lettering). Also, someone you should
be talking to is Bill Welch in Virginia, who is also very seriously
interested in modeling those RRs in the 1950s. If you're not already in
touch with him, I can give you his e-mail address.

I just got Vollrath's list of photo's (steam locos) for the L&N and
NC&StL, and in the list he mentions that he has an extensive freight car
photo list, 40+ pages. Have any of you ordered freight car photo's from
him before. TIA.
Vollrath's freight car holdings are hit-and-miss, but there are fine things
there, his darkroom work is good, and his prices are reasonable. Certainly
worth checking out.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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