Re: Any HO Richfield Tank Cars available?

Ed Hawkins

On Dec 18, 2008, at 9:46 PM, espeeac12 wrote:

Where can I find data on this fleet of tank cars?

Obviously you guys are the best pool of knowledge out there for me to
tap and point me inthe right direction.
I will offer what limited information I have on this subject. In the
4/55 ORER (the closest I have to 1954) Richfield Oil had 208 tank cars,
all listed as ARA II, ARA III, or ARA IV. With the ARA spec, rather
than ICC classes (i.e., 103 that replaced ARA III), this indicates the
cars were built pre-1930, and from 1930 and later new tank cars were
just stenciled with the ICC classification. For about 3 years from
1927-1929 new tank cars were often stenciled with both the ARA and ICC
classifications. The ORER list of cars provides the car number ranges
for each group of cars having a specified ARA classification and gallon

I checked cars built new by AC&F from 7/25 and later. There were no new
tank cars with ROX reporting marks built by AC&F from 7/25 through the
mid-1950s. If Richfield had any AC&F Type 27 cars they got them second

In my personal photo collection I have a photo of ROX 102, a
10,000-gallon insulated car taken in Los Angeles on 2/4/57 available
from Bob's Photo. The last reweigh stencil is 2-49. I cannot read the
build date with any degree of certainty (possibly 1926) but can read
that the car was from GATC. It had heater pipes and was used for
asphalt. The car is much like the insulated 10K tank cars offered by
Life-Like except on a General American underframe. Bob's Photo also has
ROX 660, built 11-24. I don't have this photo but know of its

I am willing to scan the list from the 4/55 ORER. Contact me off-list
at hawk0621@... if you are interested.
Ed Hawkins

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