Re: SP DF B-50-22

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

Tony: Thanks for the info. I know the car number I mentioned was the one on
the p2k car because I was surprised it was in V4. I really do not know if it
was first run or a later one. I think it was a later run since the dealer
that had it ususally sells only new run stuff. I saw it at a train show in
September, and was going to pick it up but my friend said he had one he
could sell me. Turns out he had a DD car which was totally different. I
thought the "DF" was orange since I had your book and remembered it was
supposed to be orange. However, I can not find the car on Walthers website.

A pet peeve I wish manufacturers would leave item numbers and thumbnail
views of sold out/OOP cars on their websites for those of us thrying to
track down old cars.
Brian Carlson

On Fri, 19 Dec 2008 10:16:13 -0800, Anthony Thompson wrote

Brian, Walthers used to make that decal, but I have heard it's
no longer available. I didn't know that P2K had ever done the DF
scheme with correct orange lettering (their SP "expert" told them it
should be yellow in the first run), but if they did, that would be a
good find.

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