Re: UP Frt Conductor Book Data...a quick look

Jeff Aley - GCD PE <jaley@...>

On Mar 1, 10:58pm, Dave & Libby Nelson wrote:
Subject: RE: [STMFC] UP Frt Conductor Book Data...a quick look
So far I'd transcribed about 500 cars and linked them
to my ORER database (as I've done with the SRR books I have). Not
enough of
a sample to say much, but when that question on PRR turtleback's popped
up I
had the answer about 15 seconds after the software loaded.

For the techies:

select train.Train_id, Call_Dt, Road, Car_nbr
from consist, train
where consist.train_id=train.train_id
and consist.cb_series = orer!roster.cb_series
and orer!roster.class_id='X31F';
I'm the wrong kind of techie (I'm a hardware guy), but I'll try to fake
it. What about

select mfr, part_number
from HO_kit
where HO_kit.prototype=orer!roster.class_id
and orer!roster.class_id='X31F'

[or something like that] ??



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