Re: New ART steel reefer


I corresponded with Ed and he replied
"You are correct that Oddballs decal set 548 for the wood reefer
should provide the heralds to modify the steel reefer offered by the
MPHS/Amarillo RR Museum to update the scheme for the 24000-24449
steel cars to the scheme applied 1948-1950."

He did state he hasn't seen the set to verify it's accuracy but for
the purpose here should be fine. I used them to complete my otherwise
Champ and ALPS lettered car as can be seen:

Jerry Glow

--- In, Ed Hawkins <hawk0621@...> wrote:

The interim scheme was just like the original scheme except a MP
buzzsaw emblem (red and white with a blue border) was applied to
left side of the car over the reporting marks and a small Wabash
was in the same position on the right side of the car. The interim
scheme was used for only about two years. Photos of repainted ART
reefers in the interim scheme are pretty scarce. Photos of the
scheme have been more commonly found on series 26900-27999 that
built new in mid-1948 and originally lettered in the interim scheme.

...... If the right decals were available for
the buzzsaw and flag, the 1948-1950 interim scheme could easily be
created by using the original model and adding the decals.

Ed Hawkins

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