ACCURAIL OOP CARS and Mailing List

Dennis Storzek

Accurail maintains a list of just about everything we've ever done, of
course the "stock line" is subject to periodic restocking with new
road numbers, but we also have a list of the three pack and limited
run specials we've done over the years since 1992. A few of the early
ones lack images where none were ever saved in our files.

This might also be a good place to announce our new Product
Announcement Mailing List, you can follow the link from our web site
or go here:

This is a yahoogroups re-mailer, you can subscribe and un-subscribe
using e-mail commands only, or sign up on the web here:

But I believe Yahoo will make you get a Yahoo ID.

The planned format is an occasional e-mail that includes a link to the
product announcement as a PDF file which resides on the Accurail web
site; an archive of these PDF's will be available both on our site and
on the Yahoo site by scrolling through the older messages.

Dennis Storzek
Accurail, Inc.

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