Re: Light tanks and Half-tracks in gondolas and on flat cars, 1950

Brian Paul Ehni <behni@...>

I think he was referring to the T28 superheavy tank:


There are two T28 photos in the Life images of ³tanks². There are also
pictures of the T43 heavy tank (which I believe eventually became the M103).

But, we stray from Steam Era Freight Cars, and I fear the wrath of the

Brian Ehni

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Thanks Kurt, after I wrote "M3" and hit send, I double checked and
discovered that they were in fact M5s. You're "dead on".
I'll send the shot in question. I'm unaware of the T-29 - 32's. The WWII and
Korea era books that I have show all Shermans, M-26, 26A1s, 46, 47 and on to
There is much that I've yet to learn.
Thanks again
Don Worthy

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Don, these are M5A1 light tanks, produced 1942-44. Although classified
obsolete at the end of the war they were kept on hand to fill out numerical
requirements until something better came along. Many of these were probably
"new-old stock", held in storage at depots from the day they were built.
With the fall of China to the CCP in 1949, they were no doubt sent because
they could be spared.

The heavy tank is probably a T29, T30, or T32. If you want to send me the
URL I can ID it for you.


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I have really enjoyed the life photos. I do wish that the information had
been better documented, although. I have so many questions concerning some
of those shots.
For example, the date on the photos that you have linked has 1950 but, I
can't help but wonder if that is correct. The M3 Lee tanks were a relic when
WWII started and were so out classed they were used for training for the
most part.
Also, there is a shot of a LARGE tank in the collection that I can not find
any information on.
I'm so glad that they are available.

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