Re: LIFE - Trainscapes 1950: View from a train window.

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Please forgive the slightly off-topic touch, but I remember my grandfather
receiving a ton of anthracite from Hudson Coal (the former subsidiary of the
Delaware & Hudson Company, which also ran a railroad), which the dump truck
propelled down the chute from the street into the cellar for the the
furnace. This was when we were still living in Waterford, New York, around
1958-59, when I was three or four years old, and I recall that both my
grandfather and my father knew how to shovel coal into the furnace to ensure
a good fire. My father promised to teach me (because even then I knew that
I had to be a fireman before I could become an engineer), but then we
switched to oil heat.

William Bryk

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Coke was used as home heating fuel in New England up into the 50s until
it was supplanted by oil. Glendale Coal & Coke was a large retailer where I
Norm Larkin

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Somebody may have already posted this, but there is a series of 40-odd
*color* pictures on Google/LIFE titled: "Trainscapes 1950: View from a train
window." A number of RELEVANT frieght shippers are featured, as well a steam
era fright car or two.

One in particular was this Koppers Coke retail facility. Who would buy coke
on a retail scale?


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