Re: Tank Car Traffic

Richard Hendrickson

While we're on the subject:

Were the cars of the big lessor/owners, like UTLX, SHPX
and GATX assigned regionally, or were cars simply leased
out to companies wherever they might be? I'm curious to
know if the cars that Mr. English documented on the East
Coast would have tended to stay in that area.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Some cars were on long-term leases and
remained in the service of the same shipper (and often on the same routes)
year after year. Some of these cars were stenciled with the shipper's
logo, but most were not. Other cars were leased on a short-term basis,
sometimes for only a single trip, and once they were returned to the car
owner's pool, cleaned, and serviced, their next trip could be to anywhere
in North America.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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