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Don Worthy

The clips that I have came from
which is the moving picture archive. The clips are "Great Railroads at Work Parts 1, 2 and 3" also This is My Railroad Parts 1 and 2
There is also a clip called "Troop Trains 1943" which is very good!
and one other is "Passenger Train 1940" this one seems to be pieced together as it starts out as a SF train but it ends up as a NYC train....I think?
Just do some searching on this site, you may find others.
I hope this link works as this is the first time I've tried to do this.
Don Worthy

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Some roads did have an SOP to open journal box lids on cars before they
went over the hump. I recall seeing an AAR-published photo of this.

Cars are usually moved over a hump at about 1 to 2 MPH. It would be an
easy matter for one carman to open journal box lids and another to
subsequently squirt oil into journal boxes at this speed.

But many roads preferred to have carmen check journal boxes on standing
cars in yards, filling or topping them up as necessary. Some CN yards
had dispensers for journal box oil at various locations within the

Steve Lucas.

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From: Anthony Thompson

I'd sure like to see that clip. How does he open the journal box
lids on moving cars?

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Didn't some roads have an SOP to open the lids before sorting?


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