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On "The Road of Anthracite," coal was delivered locally in DL&W stock cars with the openings in the car sides filled in with boards to a height of about four feet. The few pictures that show this have been from the '30s and '40s just around Scranton, Pa., so this practice may not have lasted much beyond WWII on DL&W.? Chuck Yungkirth remembers the practice as a boy.

Seeing that photo in the link, I was thinking?that may have been an L.C.L. situation as well.

???????????????? ....Mike Del Vecchio

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It was a revelation to me to see that bulk coal was sometimes
shipped in box cars. I knew that bagged coal often came in box cars
but had no idea that bulk coal also came that way. Was that a fairly
common practice. I doubt that the car depicted in the photo would
ever again have been used in grain service or would it?

Why not? Grain needs to be screened after it's milled, and any coal
dust would go away with the chaff.

It's milled flour that needed clean cars.


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