Re: making the case for self-tapping screws

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 27, 2008, at 7:35 AM, Donald B. Valentine wrote:

....with regard to truck
screws, and without wishing to open a new thread for endless
discussion, it does seem to me that this is another standard that the
NMRA could/should have addressed long, long ago. It seems that each
individual manufacturer of rolling stock has just chosen a method of
truck attachment that seemed convenient at the time the process was
set up.

Gee, Don, are you just noticing that the NMRA is fifty years behind
in updating their standards and recommended practices, and that many
of the ones they established way back in the last century are
routinely ignored by manufacturers? Periodically, a new NMRA
standards chairman is appointed and a vigorous program to upgrade
standards and RPs is announced. Then nothing happens. Meanwhile,
NMRA membership and attendance at national conventions steadily
diminishes. NMRA standards? As the French say, it is to laugh.

Richard Hendrickson

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